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Modern Agate Tiger-Eye Pendant

Modern Agate Tiger-Eye Pendant
Modern Agate Tiger-Eye Pendant

Modern Agate Tiger-Eye Pendant


A stunning assortment of agate in warm neutral colors and a rich-in-history Tibetan pendant creates a little bit western and a little bit dramatic style that is an all day versatile look.

The agate beads are silk knotted and accented with silver connector rings, a freshwater pearl and a horse shoe charm. The piece is strung on deer hide braided suede and features an infinity, tigereye tibetan silver pendant. The infinity symbol is unique not only for its beauty but also for its significance. It is said to provide equilibrium to one’s life, as the two sets of circles balance each other. In ancient India and Tibet the symbol represented perfection and unity between male and female.

It’s design, the number 8, offers no beginning and no end and in spiritual thought signifies the divine eternal and the promise of the infinite existense of creation. Let this covetable accessory of great beauty and intrigue inspire you.

The braided suede tie closure makes the piece conveniently adjustable in size

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