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Jet Couture Jewels proudly offers designer handmade jewelry including one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings bracelets and rings. You will marvel at our designs.


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Navigating Social Media at JCJ


Jet Couture Jewels Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat... Where else do I need to be?

Because I want to be where you are!  The power of social media is here to stay and for a not so savvy techie like me, I have had to learn a lot and I still have a long ways to go.

Then there’s the search engines.  Which one do you most frequently use?  Google? Bing? Yahoo?

When I first opened my store on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, I thought all I needed was to beautifully display some gorgeous jewelry and people would come.  But we are all busy!  So I figured out quickly that I had to do more. I am so glad you have found and would love to hear from you about what social media sites and search engines you personally use so that I can be sure to stay in touch with you and your friends. 

Mary, JetCouture Jewels Designer
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To all of the Wonderful Mothers


Mother's Day Pearl Jewelry Kansas City Jet Couture Jewels

"Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving Mother is the greatest of them all." (Author Unknown)

At Jet we love pearls and Moms do too!  As a Designer, they are one of my favorite mediums to create a beautiful piece of jewelry.  In so many ways, pearls remind me of Mothers and their children. They don't have to be cut and polished like gemstones to reveal their beauty. They already are beautiful!  They are also unique in that they are not formed in the depths of the earth like other gemstones but rather in the sea and freshwater.

The pearl is born in an oyster as the result of an irritant. Usually a grain of sand finds it's way inside the oyster shell. Thus the pearl is the only precious gem in nature created through a struggle!  The oyster secretes a smooth hard substance called a "nacre" in order to protect itself.  Layer upon layer and with time, the oyster will be completely encased in "nacre" resulting in the beautiful shimmering gem that we call a pearl.  

Does this sound like a Mother and child?  Like you and your Mom?

Pearls, like our Mother's love are strong, wise and resilient. Even though life presents many challenges and struggles, Mother's lay down 'nacre' and in the end a rare and beautiful pearl emerges just like you did. 

And because you are rare and beautiful, your Mother deserves a special gift this Mother's Day and pearls perfectly tell her story!

The pearl is a symbol of unblemished perfection, purity and wisdom. It is the oldest known gemstone and has always been a highly valued object of beauty thus long exchanged as a special gift. Jet Pearl Jewelry is enjoyed today and can be handed down to the next generation in your family, your ideal gift for for your Mom on this Mother's Day. 

Mary, JetCouture Jewels Designer
4709 Central St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
816 569 6544



Jet's Mother Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day is just around the corner, are you ready for May 14th?

At JetCouture Jewels we know how to spoil her and so we know how to help you spoil her too! Mothers love jewelry, it’s a keepsake from a loved one and they can show it off as well. Here are six beautiful suggestions handpicked by the staff at Jet:

1. Classic Jet Pearl Jewelry, all with a contemporary twist.

You can’t go wrong with pearls for most women.  Pearls are timeless, elegant and can last forever so they can be lovingly passed down to the next generation.

Uptown Chic Freshwater Knotted Pearl Necklace

This natural beauty is classic and chic and reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s effortless style.  The many strands of freshwater pearls scream of old Hollywood glamour with elegant sophistication yet can be fashioned with an old pair of jeans.  Uptown chic and downtown cool makes this piece a must have.  

Overall length 16.5” knotted or 21” unknotted but can be made longer, email for special request orders
Silver clasp measures approximately 28mm long by 13.5mm
Freshwater pearls measure 3.5mm to 4mm

Coin Pearl Necklace

Effortlessly elegant this freshwater coin pearl necklace is a must have accessory for any occasion. It is strung with a magnetic clasp for easy on/off appeal.

*retail for the matching bracelet is $30 (not photographed), please call 816-569-6544 for available sizes

Available in a variety of colors: Grey, Cream, Gold, Lavender and Mixed Colors (Grey, White & Gold)
Necklace length is approximately 17.5” to 18"
Clasps may vary with available stock. All of the clasps are equally beautiful and elegant.

2. Jet's Suede & Pearl Collection

The collection is edgy chic jewelry for a really fun and different kind of Boho look!

Haute Hippie Suede Tassel Necklace

Haute Hippie! Tie me up or tie me down either way these pearl and or gemstone numbers are so “Haute” right now.  The deer hide suede tassels are all can be worn in the front or cascading down the back.  Its all about fringe these days and our newest wearable work of art will be the perfect addition to your collection.  

Adjust the length of the fringe to suit you look with a simple knot.   

This gorgeous piece is available in different suede color selections  as well as stone and pearl options. Options correspond with gallery listings.

Total length of silk knotted section is 16" 
Deer hide suede hangs 16” making the necklace adjustable to your desired length

3. Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings are big this season! Our Jet Chandelier and Dangly Drops fit the bill.   We even have some Clips and simple small Studs for traditional Moms. 

Long Dangling Baroque Pearl and Wire Earrings

Show off a striking bauble with these exquisite baroque freshwater pearl danglers. The playful baroque pearl earrings achieve a gorgeous dramatic look. Available in both Original & Champagne hues.

Gold Plated Silver Ear Wires
Long Hook
From Hook to Base, 2 1/2" total length

Nature's Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Make the world your oyster with the natural beauty of these freshwater pearls. Balancing sophistication with a bit of edge, these danglers are a perfect accessory to dress up or down any outfit!  

Earrings are available in white or gray
Silver Ear Hooks
Short Hook
From Hook to Base, 1.5" total length

4. Bracelets

Bracelets are exciting and always add an extra pop of color. Have her roll up her sleeve and pop on some arm candy!  She’ll love it!

Multi-Strand Gemstone Bracelet

When it comes to bracelets, more is more. Drape these bold gems on your wrist and show your personality and style.

This multi strand creation is available in jade, purple, coral, freshwater pearl and hematite. The jade and coral pieces have been dyed to enhance their color. The clasp is opened and closed by a sterling silver sliding bar.

Bracelet measures approximately 8″ around
Clasp is approximately 50mm

5. Jet Rings

From a simple Sterling twist to a major Gemstone Cocktail ring which is being shown a lot this year.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver, Fantasy Jasper Ring

Fantasy Jasper, known as the good luck stone, gives one self confidence along with promoting balance and energy. This handmade ring, crafted in sterling silver, maintains an earthy vibe that embodies a love of nature with its large eye catching fantasy jasper gemstone. Add some edge to this rock and show off a fun, flashy bauble!

Prefer a different size? We can customize the size on most of our rings.

Ring Size 5 3/4"
Oxidized Sterling Silver
Fantasy Jasper stone measures 44mm by 20mm

Baroque Pearl and 18K Gold Ring

Everyone needs the perfect cocktail ring and this attention getting ring features an unusually large natural freshwater baroque pearl.   Its feminine, organic shape is set in oxidized sterling silver and accented by 18k gold prongs and is no doubt a conversation piece.

Prefer a different size? We can customize the size on most of our rings.

Ring Size 5 3/4"
18k Gold
Oxidized Sterling Silver
Baroque Pearl measures 22mm

Lapis and Silver Statement Ring

More is more when it comes to jewels. This ‘Royal” blue lapis gemstone ring with three 18k gold ball accents is set in sterling silver and inspired by the Kansas City Royals World Series victory in 2015. Add a bright pop of color and give this statement piece the display it deserves.

Prefer a different size? We can customize the size on most of our rings.

Ring Size 6.25"
18k Gold
Sterling Silver
Lapis Lazuli stone measures 29mm by 36mm

6. Jet Gemstone & Vintage Necklaces

If your Mom loves vintage, one of the Jet Gemstone or Vintage Necklaces that are handcrafted, have a story and are also "one of a kind" (just like her). 

Vintage Chic Pearl Statement Necklace

Whether at a ball or on a casual outing, elegant simplicity is the modern day trademark. Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn all have reputations of being the most fashionable women in the world.

This chic inspirational piece where glamour meets Park Avenue boasts of timeless elegance. Bold freshwater pearls and a vintage “Ciro” brooch repurposed and set in sterling with an array of faux pearls and rhinestones makes the perfect statement piece. Be a fierce fashionista and step out in style.

Necklace measures approximately 18″ shortest to 20″ longest strand
Clasp measures 50mm

A beautiful piece of jewelry that is also a Mother’s Day momentum and keepsake is the perfect gift for her this year.  At every price point, you don’t have to break the bank to be a hit and make her 2017 Mother’s Day one that she will always remember!

We want to wish all of those lovely Mothers out there an early Happy Mother's Day.

To place an order online, simply add the items to your shopping cart--did we mention shipping via USPS is free for this special holiday? As always, feel free to give us a call at 816-569-6544 or drop in at our brick & mortar on the Country Club Plaza.


Mary, JetCouture Jewels Designer
4709 Central St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
816 569 6544