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Jet Couture Jewels proudly offers designer handmade jewelry including one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings bracelets and rings. You will marvel at our designs.


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Mother's Day Shopping

Kasim Hardaway

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is right around the corner!

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate your Mom or any woman who has a special place in your heart with a beautiful handmade jewelry design from Jet Couture Jewels.

If you’re feeling “stumped” browse our Mother’s Day selections below for a variety of gorgeous pieces in many price points. You can even email or call us for help! Every woman absolutely loves receiving jewelry from her loved one. Jet Jewelry is unique, award-winning & will always be a keepsake. Make her day! 

This beautiful Jet Bracelet is perfect for your beautiful mom.  The open-ended design can be worn on most wrist sizes. This Bracelet is part of the Jet Wire Wrap Collection and the round, lustrous freshwater pearls perfectly accent the sterling silver wire.  This handmade bracelet from Jet will please any Mom and will be sure to make her day.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine and Amber

Kasim Hardaway

March Birthstones by Jet Couture Jewels

Happy Birthday to all of our Jet March clients!

 And don't forget that you get a birthday gift from us.

Simply register below, share your birthday month/day and we will email you a discount code to use on your next Jet purchase! It's super easy too! Did you know that many months have more than one birthstone?  For March, we chose two beautiful stones: Aquamarine and Amber.

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Our Aquamarine Jet Jewels

Aquamarine, the traditional March birthstone comes in colors ranging from deep sea blue to a light blue-green. There is wonderful history, myths, and legends surrounding this stone but most importantly, it symbolizes friendship, happiness, health, and hope.  So choose a beautiful Jet Couture Jewels Aquamarine piece and celebrate you and everything good that you love about March.

Our Amber Jet Jewels

Alternatively, Amber is another gem, and it's associated with March zodiac signs.  Actually, Amber isn't really a stone but fossilized tree resin that comes from trees in ancient forests.  Its brilliant colors remind us of a mesmerizing sunset with light lemon yellows and rustic browns shining through it.  Unique and gorgeous, this organic gem material dates back millions of years.

Both of these beautiful birthstones make interesting, lasting and one of a kind jewelry designs.  Check out our other Amber and Aquamarine pieces here on the website and prepare to be inspired!

Just a few fun March facts for you from Jet!  Enjoy your special day and month!

Hearts: A Symbol of Love and Affection

Kasim Hardaway

Valentine's Day, Hearts Jet Couture Jewels

Valentine's Day is almost here! 

February 14 is the date that we set aside to specifically express our love to others, be that friends or family members.   All over the world, people exchange gifts on this day. In Finland, friendship love is the emphasis of the celebration.  In Japan, the men get all the attention.   Many believe that this holiday was initially started in honor of St. Valentine.  Today in our country, love notes, candy, flowers and jewelry are often the gifts of choice for any or all of those we love. 

And, hearts have become the symbol for Valentines Day. There are many theories on how hearts became the symbol ranging from the idea that the seed of a now extinct North African plant resembles the heart to the shape chosen because it resembles the female form.  In the US, hearts today have come to represent love, affection and sometimes romance. 

At Jet, we have handcrafted a Heart Jewelry Line with one of a kind designs in a variety of gemstones and metals.  Gift the special someones in your life with a heart from Jet. Your loved ones will know exactly what this symbol means to you and to them. 

Shop our Heart Jewels