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Jet Couture Jewels proudly offers designer handmade jewelry including one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings bracelets and rings. You will marvel at our designs.


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Getaway to Kansas City


Photo Courtesy of Home Advisor Kansas City

Photo Courtesy of Home Advisor Kansas City

Getaways, who doesn’t love them, right?  They are good for our souls and hearts, give rest to our minds and rejuvenate our bodies!

While I’m not a huge vacation person, I do strongly believe in some time “away” even if I have to “hole up” at home! Shutting everything out cleanses my mind and rejuvenates my creativity. What’s your favorite getaway benefit? If you’re looking for getaway ideas, there are many options but consider “going to Kansas City."  Travel and Leisure Magazine says that  “Kansas City gives you serious bang for your buck."  

Who doesn’t like that?

For amazing architecture, lots of dining options and great shopping, The Country Club Plaza is a really fun destination with beautiful and affordable hotels too! We’re famous for our barbecue--be sure to stop by Jack Stack's BBQ also located on the Plaza!  And if you’re a sports fan, we have the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs and Sporting Kansas City MLS Soccer. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a jewel and just a few blocks away from the Plaza, ranked as one of the Top 10 Museums in the U.S.

Photo Courtesy of Reece Nichols

Photo Courtesy of Reece Nichols

The Plaza is the spot to be in Kansas City and Jet Couture Jewels gets to be here!  We're right across from Starbucks Patio.  

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