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Amethyst and Druzy Clasp Bracelet


Amethyst and Druzy Clasp Bracelet

6Z1A6251 (1).jpg
6Z1A6251 (1).jpg

Amethyst and Druzy Clasp Bracelet


Amethyst is the official birthstone of February.  Did you know that this multi-hued stone also comes in many shades from a lilac color to a deep purple and beyond?

This Jet Bracelet inspired by the colors of Spring is loaded with green and lilac-hued Amethyst and natural Freshwater Pearls, and it's secured with a Druzy and Sterling Silver Clasp.  Up your glam with this eye-catching one-of-a-kind statement bracelet that is perfect for the February Birthday Girl or just because it would be perfect for you.

Amethyst: Green and Purple
Freshwater Pearls
Sterling Silver

Amethyst Measures Green:10mm x 12mm
Amethyst Purple:10mm x 8mm
Freshwater pearls Measure: 7mm
Druzy Clasp Measures:42 x 34mm
Bracelet measures: 8."

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