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Amethyst and Red Plume Agate Gemstone Bracelet


Amethyst and Red Plume Agate Gemstone Bracelet


Amethyst and Red Plume Agate Gemstone Bracelet


This ornate Jet Signature Bracelet has multi-strands of beautiful Amethyst and Pyrite gemstones accentuated with a Fiery Red Plume Agate clasp set in Sterling Silver, and it’s a gorgeous symphony of colors! The decadent tone of the Red Plume Agate along with all of its layers of inclusions resembles a cloud in an Autumn sky. This Jet Bracelet is a match for a strong personal style and equally strong personality.  

Red Plume Agate
Sterling Silver

7 3/4” Long
Clasp Measures 65mm x 35mm
Amethyst and Pyrite Gemstones measure 8mm

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