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Baroque Pearl and  Silver Concho Link Necklace


Baroque Pearl and Silver Concho Link Necklace


Baroque Pearl and Silver Concho Link Necklace


This Jet Necklace is a gorgeous combination of baroque freshwater pearls, juxtaposed with sterling silver Navajo concho links.  This one-of-a-kind and not so traditional Jet design creates a look that is a little bit Western, and a lot of drama, and demonstrates the incredible versatility of the pearl.  With whimsey and natural beauty, this statement piece offers a look for many moments and moods.  

The Pearl Pendant can be removed with ease to simplify or interchange with other Necklaces.  

Freshwater Baroque Pearls

Sterling Silver Concho Links

Necklace Measures 32"

Baroque Pearl Pendant Hangs 2" 

Clasp Measures 25mm long x 15mm wide

Each Concho Measures 18mm

Baroque Pearls Vary in Size from 14-20mm

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