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Labradorite Goddess of Mercy Pendant

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Labradorite Goddess of Mercy Pendant


Lady Buddha, who some people call a Guanyin, and others a Bodhisattva is also the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion, Kindness and Love. Some say she can seriously kick negative karma out of our lives! The Guanyin transcends across cultures, is most sacred in many Asian communities and can find a home wherever she is wanted. Taoists even consider her immortal!  
This amazing unique large piece of a carved Labradorite gemstone is exquisitely hand crafted in sterling silver and gold.  

Combining the Guanyin figure with Labradorite is a perfect and dynamic duo. Labradorite is a mystical, powerful gemstone that is said to protect, alleviate negativity and misfortunes in your life and be a great source of inspiration.  Not only is this piece aesthetically beautiful, it might just help strengthen your spirit of negative influences in difficult times. And, bring greater Mercy, Compassion, Kindness and Love into your world.  

Sterling silver

From Top of Bale to base of pendant 4 “.
Labradorite Goddess  measure 40mm x 75mm

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