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Mother of Pearl Guan Yin Pendant


Mother of Pearl Guan Yin Pendant


Mother of Pearl Guan Yin Pendant


This one-of-a-kind luminescent "Mother of Pearl" Guan Yin is handmade and set in sterling silver with 14K gold highlights.  The large crystal quartz gemstone beautifully accents this Jet Pendant and represents the mystical concept of the Third Eye, which is said by many to help us see the world beyond what we normally do. 

Lady Guan Yin is considered to be the Goddess of Mercy in times of need or despair. She is full of compassion and will be sure to be noticed and enjoyed. She's knockout gorgeous.

Mother of Pearl
Crystal Quartz
Sterling Silver
14k Gold

The Pendant measures 6" from top to base
Mother of Pearl Guan Yin measures 44mm x 50mm
The Bail is 12mm x 25mm
The gemstone quartz measures 21mm x 16mm

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