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Jet Couture Jewels proudly offers designer handmade jewelry including one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings bracelets and rings. You will marvel at our designs.


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Mysterious Beauty


“Thinking outside the box” is what inspired me to design “inside the box.”

This beautifully hand made statement piece – set in sterling, is both classic and contemporary – wild, yet restrained.

To me, this piece appears to have fallen directly from the heavens and is an exceptionally gorgeous piece of fanned black kyanite. The natural form of this piece resembles the wings of an angel. This edgy and highly irregular textural stone is formed in blade-like crystals that radiate from a common center. Kyanite is said to offer humans a gentle grounding energy and balances our power with tranquility – making this piece a perfect choice for everyday wear.

The gemstone beads used in this piece are Black Tourmaline – relied upon by ancient magicians and still today revered as a premier talisman of protection. This powerful stone guards against environmental pollutants and naturally grounds us.

As a designer, my inspiration has always been the mysterious beauty and endless variety of our vast and magical planet

This rare and beautiful treasure of jagged edges is a powerful reminder to me of the craggy coast and savage surf of one of my favorite spots on earth – and where I chanced upon this piece – Mendocino County, California. Mendocino is known for it’s stunningly wild beauty. It is surrounded by giant Redwoods, a rare Pygmy forest – often shrouded in mist – and the waves of the Pacific perpetually crash upon the coastline.

It is a rejuvenating retreat that has inspired many a piece for my 2015 collection.