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To all of the Wonderful Mothers


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To all of the Wonderful Mothers


Mother's Day Pearl Jewelry Kansas City Jet Couture Jewels

"Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving Mother is the greatest of them all." (Author Unknown)

At Jet we love pearls and Moms do too!  As a Designer, they are one of my favorite mediums to create a beautiful piece of jewelry.  In so many ways, pearls remind me of Mothers and their children. They don't have to be cut and polished like gemstones to reveal their beauty. They already are beautiful!  They are also unique in that they are not formed in the depths of the earth like other gemstones but rather in the sea and freshwater.

The pearl is born in an oyster as the result of an irritant. Usually a grain of sand finds it's way inside the oyster shell. Thus the pearl is the only precious gem in nature created through a struggle!  The oyster secretes a smooth hard substance called a "nacre" in order to protect itself.  Layer upon layer and with time, the oyster will be completely encased in "nacre" resulting in the beautiful shimmering gem that we call a pearl.  

Does this sound like a Mother and child?  Like you and your Mom?

Pearls, like our Mother's love are strong, wise and resilient. Even though life presents many challenges and struggles, Mother's lay down 'nacre' and in the end a rare and beautiful pearl emerges just like you did. 

And because you are rare and beautiful, your Mother deserves a special gift this Mother's Day and pearls perfectly tell her story!

The pearl is a symbol of unblemished perfection, purity and wisdom. It is the oldest known gemstone and has always been a highly valued object of beauty thus long exchanged as a special gift. Jet Pearl Jewelry is enjoyed today and can be handed down to the next generation in your family, your ideal gift for for your Mom on this Mother's Day. 

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