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Labradorite Goddess of Mercy Pendant

Kasim Hardaway

Labradorite Goddess of Mercy Pendant Jet Couture Jewels

Lady Buddha, who some call Guanyin is also the Goddess of Mercy, Kindness, and Love

Some say she can kick some serious negative karma from our lives. This fantastic, unique large piece of a carved Labradorite gemstone is exquisitely handcrafted in sterling silver and gold. Labradorite is a mystical, powerful gemstone that is said to protect, alleviate negativity and misfortunes in your life and be an excellent source of inspiration.

It was first discovered in Labrador, Canada on the Isle of Paul in 1770 and is still sourced from Canada today, although other sources have been found around the world.  Not only is this piece aesthetically beautiful, it might just help strengthen your spirit of negative influences in difficult times. We hope this stunning labradorite lovely, flickering in an array of colors, bring greater Mercy, Compassion, Kindness and Love into your world. 

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