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March Birthstone: Aquamarine and Amber

Kasim Hardaway

March Birthstones by Jet Couture Jewels

Happy Birthday to all of our Jet March clients!

 And don't forget that you get a birthday gift from us.

Simply register below, share your birthday month/day and we will email you a discount code to use on your next Jet purchase! It's super easy too! Did you know that many months have more than one birthstone?  For March, we chose two beautiful stones: Aquamarine and Amber.

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Our Aquamarine Jet Jewels

Aquamarine, the traditional March birthstone comes in colors ranging from deep sea blue to a light blue-green. There is wonderful history, myths, and legends surrounding this stone but most importantly, it symbolizes friendship, happiness, health, and hope.  So choose a beautiful Jet Couture Jewels Aquamarine piece and celebrate you and everything good that you love about March.

Our Amber Jet Jewels

Alternatively, Amber is another gem, and it's associated with March zodiac signs.  Actually, Amber isn't really a stone but fossilized tree resin that comes from trees in ancient forests.  Its brilliant colors remind us of a mesmerizing sunset with light lemon yellows and rustic browns shining through it.  Unique and gorgeous, this organic gem material dates back millions of years.

Both of these beautiful birthstones make interesting, lasting and one of a kind jewelry designs.  Check out our other Amber and Aquamarine pieces here on the website and prepare to be inspired!

Just a few fun March facts for you from Jet!  Enjoy your special day and month!

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Kasim Hardaway

Amethyst Jewelry - Jet Couture Jewels

Happy Birthday to all of our Jet Friends born in February.

For all of you born in February, your birthstone is Amethyst and don't forget that Valentine's Day is this month too! Your birthstone has double importance!  This gorgeous multi-hued stone ranges in many shades from deep purple to light lilac and beyond and it has a fascinating history dating back 2500 years ago in France. It is said by many to be the traditional stone preferred by St. Valentine.  St. Valentine was a priest who traveled the country performing numerous marriages.  He also wore an amethyst ring with the image of his assistant, Cupid.  Symbolizing piety, humility, sincerity, and spirituality, Amethyst became the color of royalty and the stone of many clergies.  It is still worn by many Bishops today.  

This highly prized stone is available in several jewelry pieces at Jet this month.  We have created lovely designs incorporating Amethyst, the gemstone that is often believed to give us peace, love, courage, inner strength and happiness.  Who could want more for their Birthday Girl or Valentine?

Our Amethyst Jet Jewels

January Birthstone: Garnet

Kasim Hardaway

Jet Couture Jewels Garnet Necklace, Kansas City Jewelry Shopping

If you are a January baby then your birthstone is Garnet. 

Gemstones are believed by many cultures around the world to hold special powers. 

Since January is the first month in the new year, it seems only fitting that we highlight the gemstone of those born in January, the garnet. The name garnet comes from the Latin word “granatum,” meaning “pomegranate,” because the gem resembles the fruits red colored seeds.

This beautiful and durable birthstone is usually seen in a gorgeous shade of deep red but does come in a multitude of colors and even can be found colorless.  It is a symbol of peace and friendship and is a stone of health, creativity, and prosperity. What a perfect gemstone to start the year out and lucky are those born in January!

Our Garnet Jet Jewels